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Jennie Hwang

Jennie S. Hwang


Among her many awards and honors, Dr. Hwang is inducted to the International Hall of Fame-Women in Technology, elected to the National Academy of Engineering, named an R&D-Stars-to-Watch and YWCA Achievement Award. Having held senior executive positions with Lockheed Martin Corp., Sherwin Williams Co., SCM Corp, and CEO of International Electronic Materials Corp., she is currently CEO of H-Technologies Group providing business, technology and manufacturing solutions. She is the Chairman of Assessment Board of DoD Army Research Laboratory, serving on Commerce Department’s Export Council, National Materials and Manufacturing Board, various national panels/committees, international leadership positions, and the board of Fortune-500 NYSE companies and civic and university boards. She is the author of 500+ publications and several books, and a speaker and author on trade, business, education, and social issues. Her formal education includes four academic degrees (Ph.D., M.S., M.A., B.S.) as well as Harvard Business School Executive Program and Columbia University Corporate Governance Program.

Tanja Braun

Tanja Braun

Fraunhofer IZM

Tanja Braun studied mechanical engineering at Technical University of Berlin with a focus on polymers and micro systems and joined Fraunhofer IZM in 1999. In 2013 she received her Dr. degree from the Technical University of Berlin for the work focusing on humidity diffusion through particle-filled epoxy resins. Tanja Braun is head of the group Assembly & Encapsulation Technologies. Recent research is focused on fan-out wafer and panel level packaging technologies and Tanja Braun is leading the Fan-out Panel Level Packaging Consortium at Fraunhofer IZM Berlin.
Results of her research concerning packaging for advanced packages have been presented at multiple international conferences. Tanja Braun holds also several patents in the field of advanced packaging. In 2014 she received the Fraunhofer IZM research award.
Tanja Braun is an active member of IEEE. She is member of the IEEE EPS Board of Governor (BOG) and Technical Chapter “Materials & Processing” as well as the IEEE EPS Women in Engineering (WIE) delegate.

Kevin Byrd

Kevin J. Byrd

Intel Corporation

Kevin received his SB in Materials Science & Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MS in Science & Technology Policy from the University of Sussex, UK. He joined Intel in 1988 as a silicon fabrication process engineer. Kevin moved to surface mount technology pathfinding in 2005. Primarily focused on SMT process development for leading edge small form factor building blocks including direct chip attach (DCA), aggressive PCB design rules, and innovative package design solutions. Kevin has been focused on development and characterization of low temperature solders since 2014.