Keynote Speaker

Tadashi Kosuga

Tadashi Kosuga

Distinguished Engineer & Executive Director of Commercial Subsystem Development, Commercial Product Solution Development


Tadashi Kosuga has been leading the technology development team in Lenovo as an industry expert in the fields of ECAT, PCB (Printed Circuit Board), Packaging, SJR(Solder Joint Reliability) and component quality/reliability since joined IBM/Lenovo in 1987. During his 33+ years career, he has developed various technical solutions for industry level critical problems such as industry wide BGA (Ball Grid Array) solder crack problem in late 1990s, PCB/Components warpage and High-Density PCB/Substrate reliability issues in the 2000s. Tadashi Kosuga has been committed to ensure that he and his team establish proper technical resolution as first in industry to subsystem challenges as Commercial Subsystem development leader, contributing to the sustainable product design and process.

Today, Lenovo LTS(Low Temperature Solder) has been one of the major corporate sustainability projects that has contributed to increased product quality/reliability due to a 70 degrees C reduction in heat stress and energy cost savings as lower oven temperatures require less environmental cooling. These efficiencies drive up to 35% reduction in CO2 emissions and by the end of Feb. 2021, Lenovo shipped over 36M systems with LTS process, achieved reduction of over 7,200 metric tons of CO2. Under Tadashi’s leadership, Lenovo is now expanding the number of motherboard manufacturing lines using this process and driving LTS and extending to other subsystems such as SSD, Memory module and Camera/Fingerprint modules,, LTS has been becoming industry standard.