Practical Use of Low Temperature Solder, Assembly, Reflow & Inspection Bob Willis

Thursday 17th June, 9am - 12 noon EST

Join us for a practical look at the advantages and use of Low Temperature Soldering (LTS) in this special half day workshop. The session will be presented by Bob Willis past Global SMT columnist and training and consultancy provider to the electronics assembly industry worldwide.


Who Will Benefit

Our workshop illustrates the practical use of LTS materials in reflow, selective and rework so the content should benefit Process and Quality Engineers. As inspection and defects are covered it will also be ideal for Product Operators, Supervisors and Line Managers tasked with its implementation.

Special Bonus for Registered Delegates

Each delegate who registers for the workshop will be able to submit a question or process defect example prior to the session and receive feedback during the session. In addition, each delegate will receive a FREE set of wall charts coving the use of Low Temperature Inspection for future onsite training.

Workshop Outline & topics

Low Temperature Soldering LTS is gaining significant interest in the industry to reduce cost, prevent component and PCB damage and improve reliability. It’s different but that does not mean it cannot be introduced into your process with existing process equipment. Generally speaking, solders used regally in assembly reflow at over 230oC, low temperature solders reflow at under 180oC

Many companies have been using tin/bismuth alloys for some years reducing cost on PCBs and energy. Other companies have been using tin/indium for rework of lead-free area array packages with success. There are savings to be made even if the cost of some solder alloy is more expensive provided you consider the total cost of manufacture. We produced the first book, video and interactive guide on Pin In Hole Intrusive Reflow, so we believe we are in a good position to help engineers achieve high yields with low temperature materials with standard assembly or PIHR.

Bob Willis

Training & Consultancy

Bob Willis currently operates a training and process consultancy business based in UK and has created one of the largest collections of interactive training material in the industry. With his hands on and online training webinars Bob has provided a cost effective solution to training worldwide and has regularly run training for SMTA, SMART, IPC and EIPC. Although a specialist for companies implementing lead-free manufacture Bob has provided worldwide consultancy in most areas of electronic manufacture over the last 35 years. This is based on working in manufacture with contract assembly, printed board manufacture and environmental/failure analysis test facilities. This has earned him the SOLDERTEC/Tin Technology Global Lead-Free Award for his contribution to the industry. He has also been presented with the SMTA International Leadership Award and IPC Committee Award for contribution to their standards activity. Plus Best Presentations awards at SMTA International and ICT Conference.

Bob is well know for his practical hands on training and his use of multimedia in seminars and workshops to demonstrate the root cause of most production problem. This makes his session entertaining and above all educational.

He has worked with the GEC Technical Directorate as Surface Mount Co-Ordinator for both the Marconi and GEC group of companies and prior to that he was Senior Process Control Engineer with Marconi Communication Systems. Following his time with GEC he became Technical Director of an electronics contract manufacturing company where he formed a successful training and consultancy division. Over the years Bob has been Chairman and Technical Director of the SMART Group and has held the title of Honorary Life Vice President for his contributions to the Group since its inception. He now is a member of the SMTA Europe Technical Committee